Woolworths pet food brands

I recently (around 1st May 2019) asked Woolworth’s who manufactures the “Essentials” and “Baxter’s” range of dog foods?.

I wanted to know as I am very particular where my pets food comes from. I refuse to buy “BAXTERS” brand after the terrible problems around October 2017 (links further on) so changed to “Essentials”

I received a reply on 7th May which addressed my question but did NOT answer it. Lots of waffle such as:

“Woolworths take the health and well being of our customers pets extremely seriously.”

“Our products are developed and produced to established standards to ensure the safety of your pet.”

So after a couple of phone calls I learnt this:

Basically there are no such dog food producing companies as “BAXTERS” or for that matter “Essentials”. These names are registered by Woolworths and the products are manufactured by companies for them. I asked a simple question (I thought). WHO are these companies so that I the consumer (or at least the purchaser for my dog) could decide whether or not I wished to continue buying their “Essentials” product.

(Please read this) to see why I will NOT use pet food labeled “BAXTERS”.

I was told that the details I requested are covered by privacy between Woolworths and the manufactures. I am sorry but as a consumer I believe I have the right to know where my foods come from (well my dog does!!) and lets face it in our economic times today maybe some people use it as a food for their family!!!!!.

One thing I managed to learn is that “Essentials” and “BAXTERS” products are “often made in the same factory”. Hmmmmmmm.

Here are some links to the “Baxters” scandal

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So, I am still waiting on the details so I as a consumer can make a decision as to whether I change brand or not. I will update this as soon as I get a positive response.

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