Sunbeam toaster

The toaster saga.

I bought a Kambrook KT60 1800watt toaster around 1st March 2015 from “The Good Guys” which went into “meltdown” and went BANG soon thereafter!!

I took it back to “The Good Guys” and they let me exchange it for another toaster just a couple of dollars dearer so I paid the difference.

This toaster (can’t remember the brand) was only 900watt and was as slow as a “slug in molasses” so I asked “The Good Guys” if they would exchange it and they agreed (Excellent service) I changed it for an 1800watt Sunbeam TA4540 and I paid the price differential.

This toasted 100% on one side and 70% on the other, so I rang Sunbeam spoke to a nice lady and they replaced it with another TA4540 by post, it arrived a couple of weeks later. BUT this one had the same problem so I rang Sunbeam on 7th July and spoke to a guy,  told him the story and left it with him thinking I might get a response. None forthcoming. 🙁

On the 7th October 2015 got fed up with it and rung Sunbeam (Nice lady who remembered me) and discussed problem. She was extremely understanding and offered to exchange for another model TA6340K at no extra cost. This arrived in a few days and we started enjoying toast again.

BUT !!!!!!! it still toasted unevenly, 100% one side and about 80-85% on the other side.. I thought that under the preceding circumstances I would “bite the bullet” and live with it.

But I also noted it was VERY slow and had conflicting wattage ratings on the box, the bottom of the toaster and Sunbeams website. Still I decided to “live with it” HOWEVER we had only had it a week or so and it started not locking down in the toasting position. Tried switching off and on still no luck so resorted to toasting under the grill (again).

Reluctantly about the end of October I rang Sunbeam again feeling like the “moaner from hell” and they said they would send me some address labels so I could return it to them.

After a phone call to customer service on 18th November re the labels not arriving they were sent to me by me by email..  The toaster has gone back to Sunbeam. AND

A refund has been issued and received

The saga endeth!!!!!!


Here is a video of the toaster refusing to lock down

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