Security camera. Great product fantastic service

I wanted a security camera that was hassle free for installation and did a good job of surveillance. So after research in that area I settled on an Argus 2 from Reolink.

The price was good. and NO wiring to do. No power leads to put through walls, no wires to modem or computer, Weatherproof and used my wi-fi so I purchased online from Reolink. The camera arrived in a short space of time and I set it up on my carport looking down the drive. I also bought a Solar panel to keep the battery charged so I would not have to remove it every few weeks to charge it.

Being a bit of a tech nerd I stumbled through the setup but I thought I would check with their online help. This turned out to be so simple. They were there in seconds. I had occasion to call about four times, (my bad setting up). I Set up a “cloud” page (free with Reolink) and put in a 32GIG SD card ($9.00). So I could download videos from the camera.

Each time I called them to see if I was doing it right they were of HUGE assistance. We transferred screen clips to ascertain I had things right. They even logged onto my camera and set it up correctly. I had installed it with a rain cover (not needed, it is waterproof) that got in the way, so they advised to make it smaller as the picture was not good at night. All in all they were so helpful I can only give them a 10 out of 10.Their web sites which the operator sent me links to answered all questions and they were there online to help 24/7 even at night when I mucked up settings,  they were there to correct my mistakes.

It is nice to have something positive to say about a company, they deserve a pat on the back for quality and service.

So if you are thinking security cameras have a look at Reolink Click here to go to their web site