Are we important?

Just listen to your customers

Sometimes the “System” today makes us scratch our head and wonder. Try contacting a “Multi National” company and see how long “your phone call is important to us” takes to get answered. And when it does you would probably have got more satisfaction from simply going outside and screaming or bashing your head on a wall. Try phoning a national food chain with a suggestion never mind a complaint….. Do they REALLY care… don’t be silly of course they don’t.
Try getting sense out of an airline as to why a REALLY cheap $49 fare ends up around $100 plus when you finish.

I believe in telling a company if they are doing a good job and conversely I am not afraid in telling them the opposite. But is it wasted time? Well probably but it passes a bit of time I guess.

Here are a couple of examples of what I have personally had lately. If you have had any experiences yourself and would like to compliment or rant simply use the “contact us” tab on the left and we will endeavor to publish them.

Click here for a Woolworth’s “Who do you want?” experience

Click here for an ABC television rant


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