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Welcome to our site. This site is to give a pat on the back for companies that deserve it (Bouquets) and also a kick in the rear end (brickbats) for those that deserve just that.

There is a menu above with various pages about experiences we have had with various companies such as Woolworth’s, the ABC, Sunbeam corp etc. Just click on a page and find out what happened.

If you have had a pleasant experience, or not !!! Sign up now on our forums  and have your say. Admin will admit you and vet all posts before they are submitted… Just to be safe 🙂

To make it easy to navigate here are direct links to the above pages. Just click and go!!

Coles. Misleading labels. Click here.

ABC TV New pronunciation. Click here.

ABC TV repeats. Click here.

Hooray, Kippers for breakfast. Click here.

Sunbeam toaster saga. Click here.

Are we important?. Click here.

Woolworths re specials. Click here.

Woolworths re dog food. Click here.

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