ABC TV new pronunciation details….

It must be official. The number twenty has a new pronunciation !!!!!!

It makes me grimace to hear the weather reader at the end of the ABC news in Tasmania in the evenings using a new word. That word is “Twenee” (pronounced: twen-nee) it has recently replaced the word which comes after the number nineteen…. twenty. Not so long ago this word not only started with a T but contained another “t”. However it would appear that the English is changing and the second “t” is no longer used.

It is not only apparent on the weather report but is being used on many other programs by other reporters and even on SBS TV. along with many other stations. Sadly even our politicians and other people who front the public on TV are adopting this pronunciation. Next time you are listening to a TV program see how many times the announcers and presenters use the new version of this word.. “Twenee”…

It would not have happened in the good old days of the BBC !!!!

Listen to the new pronunciation here: Video is not quite twennee  seconds long.  🙂


Even this man seems to know how to pronounce it correctly.

Listen as he starts his video BUT maybe he hasn’t heard the latest pronunciation. 🙂