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Come on ABC treat your viewers like people not Zombies.

Most of us in Australia luv “Auntie”.. The name affectionately given to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation our government funded broadcaster. ABC TV is a favourite of most Aussies for being an informative station, up to the minute and NO ADVERTS…. apart from their own “promos” which sometimes tend to be a little lengthy. 🙁

The ABC airs a lot of Australian content and a fair bit of British as well, fortunately it stays pretty well clear from a lot of the American rubbish and leaves that to the other commercial stations.

But recently the ABC has been hard hit by cut backs in government funding and in my opinion this has caused a very real “problem”. The ABC will have its budget cut by $254 million over the next five years.

Here is what “Crikey” has to say

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But there is one way the ABC can save money…….. The airing of repeats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have Alzheimer’s or a VERY short memory then this is not a problem as you can probably watch a show that was only on in the last few months and enjoy it not remembering the plot or the story. But just about EVERY night and even at prime time there are repeated programs going to air in fact tonight being 21st September 2018 they have two great programs on at prime time. “Father Brown” and “Shetland”. On inquiring whether or not we are to be treated to NEW shows the answer unfortunately was NO… they are both repeats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday and Sunday nights are a whole bunch of repeats. I guess it saves money as it doesn’t take a lot of human resources to load up disc or whatever of old programs and beam them all over Australia. I noticed a “Catalyst” program that is a what’s new in the science world program, the other week in it they said “This medical breakthrough will be available in 2012” Now please don’t tell me that was an up to date program !!

One example recently was a new show Australian drama that had about four episodes over four weeks. The ABC actually ran it twice (and I believe thrice) in the SAME week. Maybe that was just in case you missed it I guess.

“Auntie” if your budget is so tight I have a suggestion to help you save some more money…….

Why not just re-run the Monday night news every other night of the week !!!!!

Think of the production costs that will save !

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