A shit day. Driving License and Stroke

Latest Update 26th October 2021..

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Driving License and Stroke

As most of you (friends) know I suffered a Stroke around July 2020.

Well, when you have a stroke your license is automatically revoked. My main objective in the hospital was to get out and resume driving. BUT. all is not that simple. in order to get your license back you are required to sit a practical exam and a driving assessment (which is done by an accredited assessor from the hospital, Re-Hab.

Now I had some long winded discussions with Transport TAS who also took away my Motorcycle License, Heavy combination, Heavy Rigid, Light Rigid,extensions.

I sat a driving exam using a dual control car from VIP driving School and just for your enlightenment received the following assessment.. Do not laugh!! I didn’t, in fact I spat chips!!! So after 5 more driving lessons I am sitting another assessment this week Tuesday. If you hear a scream you will know I was failed again.

Oh BTW they also took away my gun license and gun, I am working hard on getting them re-instated.. Below is what the horrible dyke of an assessment person had to say. I think I was driving professionally before she was born or (hatched)

Bloody joke

Went for another driving assessment two days ago. Guess what…. the rotten cow failed me. I am still waiting on her letter of reasons, will post it on here when I get it. She actually told me ” I was overly cautious!! and I would NEVER get a license to drive in my lifetime !!!!!” ( the thought came to me, what if you joined the army and they sent you to the middle east and told you.. Be careful walking on the road it is mined.. Wouldn’t you be overly cautious?)

So here is the full story of a shit day..

Jewel dropped me off at the driving school for assessment in the new KIA and went shopping. After the test 1.5 hours later.I rang her to find out where she was and she said she had locked the keys in the car and was at Woollies car park waiting on the R.A.C.T. so the driving school instructor took me out there. The roadside service guy arrived but couldn’t get into the car, and Full credit to him he ran me home, 30 klms to get our other key. However when we got home and looked for the key…..we couldn’t find it. So we went all the way back and he rang the mobile locksmith. who arrived 2 hours later. He finally managed to get in and cut us two keys for the door only (one of which will be hidden around the vehicle). Fortunately the RACT picked up $175 of the locksmiths bill because we have a gold membership (so if you are not in a similar organisation …. join now) After 7 hours from leaving home we were on our way back.

(BBD was happy to see us)

Oh and BTW Jewel found the 2nd key under the passengers seat.

So all in all it was a S*** day all round. hope we don’t have anymore like it AND I will be pulling out ALL stops to get my License back.

7th December

Well the letter from Licensing arrived, You can read it here. I will also put on here my reply to it. Damn woman playing God.  reasons like:

1. Travelled at 60 in an 80km zone

2. Overly cautious

3. Slow to problem solve getting out of car park

4. Slow to select a parking space.

Read the rest of the report and my response.

My response: to the person who signed it with no surname. Get a life!!!!!!

I wish to disagree the decision that you have made on the following grounds.

  1. The assessor at RHH re-hab who took me for both assessments made it very obvious that I was never going to pass under her instruction
  2. Her first assessment was totally unfair as she had no idea that after driving manual trucks for many years it is a given habit to rest your left hand on the gearstick, a practice most truck drivers do.
  3. I would like to state that I have held a driving license for about 60 years. So far it is unblemished, I think I may have at one stage years ago whilst interstate truck driving on the mainland have been issued a speeding ticket. If I am wrong then let me know, I realise this does not necessarily make me a good driver but the way I am portrayed here says I am a bad driver… I am not !!!!!!
  4. Since setting these restrictions I have been placed in some highly embarrassing situations:e.g. for my wife’s Birthday I decided to buy her a new car (Toyota Corona Hybrid) as a surprise. HOWEVER I had to get my wife to drive me to Co-op Motors and sit in on the whole deal including choosing the colour. And she had to “road test the vehicle, because I was not allowed. THIS WAS WRONG.
  5. also as the Corolla was very low and hard for an 80 year old lady (and me) to get in and out of so I bought her a new Kia Sportage SUV for her anniversary Same deal she had to drive me to the car yard and sit in and test drive the vehicle.
  6. My wife likes Single Malt and blended Whiskey(don’t know why I think it is horrible) So once again every time I want to surprise her with a bottle I have to ask her to drive me to Dan Murphy’s. Guess what NO surprise (THIS IS WRONG).
  7. As for driving at 60 in an 80klm zone, a part of the assessors reason for disqualification. I fail to see the problem, if the traffic was travelling at 60 what am I supposed to do?
  8. In fact I would argue the woman’s right to have such power over people’s right to drive. I thought that was a transport assessors right. We live in Australia not Russia or North Korea.
  9. I also fail to see that asking “Is it left or right” to exit Harvey Normans car park a license offence (I had never been in Harvey Norman’s underground car park). I did have a Lost moment once in a huge carpark in Bangkok and also in Chiang Mai but if you know what they are like you probably understand.(I OBJECT)
  10. As for the “slow to select a parking place, drove past 3 available before parking”… IN A SUPERMARKET CARPARK. WHEN THE ORDER WAS “FIND A SPACE AND PULL INTO IT…” WHAT THE HELL..
  11. I think the rest of her assessment was overly critical / biased and heavy handed.
  12. The woman (in my opinion) has a limited knowledge of driving ) I say this on the basis that I have been driving for 60 years mainly in a professional capacity please feel free to check out some of the vehicles I have driven on this web page.. Just click or type in the URL


  1. On my 2nd assessment with this woman (never again will I drive with her) the driving instructor told me that “in his opinion I had come a long way and had greatly improved in regard to the things “she would be looking for.”
  2. On our drive that second day in the back streets of Sandy Bay I was waiting to turn right at a T junction, I let 3 cars to my left proceed and then moved forward. However the car came to a sudden stop and I thought I had run over a dog or something similar (at least hit an island or similar in the road). It was the driving instructor sitting beside me who had trodden on the brake as he saw a car coming from the far left and thought I was going to pull out in front of it ( I wasn’t) the assessor took this action on herself to make sure she marked me down severely (I OBJECT)
  3. She also criticised my “Failure to shoulder check to my left. In my defense that was almost impossible with her sitting in the rear left seat in my field of vision(I OBJECT).
    On this occasion I was VERY careful to drive according to her methods. On arrival back at the hospital she told me “I was overly cautious” Good GOD. (if I was in the army and was told to walk through a minefield or a mined road in say Afghanistan Why wouldn’t I be “Overly Cautious”….. that is not a driving penalty.
  4. She also said I Completed a blind spot check to the left when merging right. I was instructed “moving over to the left lane… Check left. Moving into a right lane, check right. Come on it is one or the other.
  5. I would be happy to undergo an assessment with another approved assesor . which eventuall I did and I now have my license back Gun License too)
  6. My wife is 80 years old and we have been married for 45 years. We have been happily married for 45 years and during this time I have never seen my wife reduced to tears BUT this horrible woman who seems to have the power of God has made it happen on several occasions.
  7. If I decide to take my wife out to dinner as a surprise I have to get her to drive and tell her where we are going. (SUPRISE FACTOR, ZERO).
  8. Because of where we live I sometimes have to go to the tip. For this I use our manual Triton ute. My wife cannot drive this because she has had a knee replacement and cannot operate the clutch therefore all household rubbish has to be put in one of her brand new vehicles and she has to take it to the tip. NOT HAPPENING.
  9. As we have a very large garden that has won prizes in garden competitions, I sometimes have to use my ute to get bulk, potting mix, gravel and topsoil etc, Once again the ute rule applies for my wife and there is no way she is putting 1cubic meter of compost in her new Toyota or Kia.
  10. This person has made me a virtual prisoner in my own home, like a criminal, I thought only people who committed crimes like pedophilia, robbery, rape, fraud were made to do home detention. I might as well be in Risdon Prison!!!!.
  11. o if you have read this far you can see I am objecting to my punishment and am asking for my license to be restored.
  12. I also took the liberty to apply recently for a few semi-trailer driving jobs (One with JMC / car delivery intrastate and another with De Bruyns) General cargo. So I would like to have my whole range of Licenses, Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Combination Goods restored, God knows I put in many years of work to obtain them.
  13. If this has to go to court, which it did and I sincerely hope it will to be judged by a magistrate so be it. I would take pleasure in pleading my case to a magistrate. I would be calling a. the driving instructor and b. the assessor plus people who know me to be of good standing in the driving community
  14. So all in all I object to the removal of my driving license on the word / decision of a woman who has nothing to do with driver assessment. She works for Re Hab and I am not sick.
  15. Maybe you can allow me a learner’s license and I can regress 60 years, then I could drive with a licensed driver beside me
  16. BTW I did finally get my Vehicle and Gun licenses back thanks to the skill and knowledge of my solicitor and am now driving on a regular daily basis. also All my cars are fitted with “blind spot mirrors”












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