Jacquie Lambie gets my number 1

Jacqui “Does it for me.”

Having given great consideration of how to use my vote in the Senate  this election and in order to benefit our great country, I have finally come to a decision.

Jacquie got my Number 1

Jacquie Lambie

Jacquie Lambie



  • She tells it like it is.

  • She shoots from the hip.

  • She doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

  • She calls a spade a spade (or something similar).

  • She speaks with honesty.

  • She keeps “The bastards honest”.

  • She is a true Tasmanian.

Jacquie said: Quote: “I want to look after our veterans, protect past generations’ great legacies and make Tasmania a better place for my grandchildren and their children.
During my time in this place, I will look for every opportunity to advance Tasmania’s interests. God bless Australia. God bless my Tasmania and our beautiful Southern Cross.”

Delightfully honest, blunt and sincere Jacquie was recently featured on the ABC show “Kitchen Cabinet” with Annabel Crabb. As one person amongst many, many others said on her web site re this programme.


Good on you Jacqui.. Watched the ABC TV show Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabbe. It didn’t do you any harm..

I (we, the public) do not have a great respect for most politicians, but you rose to the top of my list.  You would get my vote if I could get it to you. Keep up the good work.”

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 Good on you Jacquie keep up the good work and stay who you are.

Our Angel

Our Angel