Bob Katter hits the nail on the head.

Bob Katter

Bob Katter Member for Kennedy

Good on yer cobber!!!!  We should NEVER be selling our precious land to overseas “investors”. In fifty years time we (Australians) will be speaking Chinese or some other South East Asian language as a norm. (glad I won’t be here). Watch Bob’s video here on you tube. And give him a “thumbs up” on his web site, just click here.

This is not the “thin end of the wedge”, we are further down the wedge than that. The cancer has set in and we are gradually being taken over by foreign “developers”. Examples are The Port of Darwin, Cubbie Station and Tasmanian Dairies. And quote: Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu has been announced as the key proponent to lease and develop 13,400 hectares in the Kimberley’s Ord stage two expansion. Click here to read this article in full.

In their countries it is not possible to own the land. Yes, you can buy a condominium in a thirty story block BUT you cannot buy the land. Their governments are not so silly after all.

If we sell our farms to the Chinese or Philippines does anyone really think they will grow cattle and produce to sell to us in our markets with the intention of keeping prices affordable for the general Australian public. DON”T BE SO NAIVE !!!! It will all be shipped out of our country. They talk about “local” employment. Yeah right. Maybe a few farmhands, a couple of truckies and a few wharfies but that will be about it.

Foreign ownership raises concerns such as the loss of local jobs to imported labour and the decline of regional business caused by the new owners importing all their inputs. However a concern unique to foreigners owning farming land is the fear that Australia could be a massive agricultural producer but this food is all shipped back to the home country to feed their citizens, regardless of the consequences here. Quarantining this food from the agricultural market means not only that Australians are unable to buy this food, but also the total global food market is reduced. This means that small declines in world food production can result in large price swings and food shortages for the poor.

The author has lived here for 55 years and in that time has seen general affordability to many of our produce items soar out of the reach of “locals”. Once crayfish was a readily available, by that I mean an affordable item. Now because it is heavily exported most Aussies cannot afford it and our children will probably never taste it.The same goes for Abalone and other seafoods but now again we and our children can no longer afford them.

Huge ships are taking our livestock to other countries putting our abattoir workers out of a job, some abattoirs even facing closure because they have no cattle to process. The consequence is that we are now paying (if we can afford it) prices so high for beef and lamb that it is becoming a luxury. Well I guess we can still get cheaper priced sausages and rissoles but steak, lamb are almost a luxury. (go and check the price of a T Bone roast or an eye fillet!). The raising of our prices is not the only concern. Many of these animals suffer extreme stress in transport and even worse panic and stress in the hands of their receivers. Read more here at “Stop Live Exports” or here at “Live Exports/Voiceless”

One thing that we must be thankful for is that most of the overseas countries grow their own chickens.. thank goodness for that or an Aussie “chook” would cost $30 or so. The same with our pork, luckily for reasons of their own most other countries do not eat much of it (thank goodness) so pork has remained affordable.

Of course all this export has evolved with the advent of inter country transport becoming available to exporters,  planes can deliver their product into e.g. China in less than a day so the producers can’t be blamed for selling to these markets who are prepared to out price us.

But at least if we are sending our produce offshore the profits stay in our country. If foreigners buy up our agricultural land we won’t get the food or the profits.