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VOW Forums…. Click here.

If you wish to view our forums then click the link above and have a read. however if you wish to join in the forum discussions you will have to register on that page.

To play on VOW servers you MUST register by clicking the link above and registering. You will then be sent Ventrilo voice setup details by email. Set up Ventrilo and connect then you will be allowed to play on VOW servers. The basic rules are: Check in to the monthly check in on forums and be in Ventrilo when playing. The picture below shows who is in Ventrilo RIGHT NOW so please join them.

ABC “new” pronunciation details…. Click here
The Australian ABC TV has a new pronunciation of the word “Twenty”

Woolworths customer service…. Click here
Call or write it makes no difference. It wont get attention.

Woolworths “Who do you want”…. Click here
Try to talk to the person in charge.. You must be joking!!

Kippers for breakfast (Tasmania)…. Click here
In Tasmania certain imported seafood’s were prohibited. BUT things have changed.

Sunbeam toaster saga…. Click here
It took 5 toasters to get one that worked as it should (2nd hand for $5)

ABC TV programs Australia…. Click here
Good old “Aunty” (ABC TV) is saving money.How?? Just keep running repeats !!!

Are we important?…. Click here
So are we really important as the voice on the phone says?