Woolworth’s customer service.

I wanted to get a reply to a comment about a product that Woolworth’s were no longer stocking. The product was an item that most cooks and housewives use at some time…. Lard. I was making a large amount of chicken liver pate and the recipe called for lard. BUT every Woolworth’s store I went to (five in all) were out of it and I was told “we are no longer stocking it”. But the problem was resolved when I went to Coles and they had lots on their shelves. Now maybe you do not use lard but thousands of people do. So instead of just phoning Woolworth’s to complain because I knew that would be useless waste of time I decided to WRITE a letter put a stamp on it and post it addressed to, “The Board of Directors. Woolworth’s Limited” At least a written, posted letter would be attended to.. Yeah right…. I waited and waited but no answer.

Just an aside here…. I did contact the manufacturer and was reliably informed that Woolies were going to reintroduce this product nationwide very soon, in July to be exact. Now one would think that in good public relations I would have been told this by Woolworth’s. But no response was forthcoming.

Now a little later I had occasion to call about something else and after finally getting to speak to a person they looked up my name and found the letter.. Sitting on a dusty desk I guess. But were they going to do anything, did it get tabled by the people to whom it was addressed?    Don’t be naive of course it didn’t. Too busy making money.

Ok that’s one gripe, for more gripes click here.

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