Veterans of War Gaming Group

If you wish to join us read the information below and then click the forum link below and register

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 The “Veterans of War Gaming Group” was formed in 2008 as a social group of people who also liked to play first person shooter  video games. We have two servers for RO Rising Storm and another for RO Vietnam. Many of our members play a great variety of games so no matter what game you play we would love to have you join us.blenheimiv_t

Please read this article it will explain all you need to know before you commit to join us:

1. On joining our group you will be assigned [VOW] tags which we ask you to wear with pride.

2. You will be assigned a rank and the more you participate the higher you in rank you will rise.

3. You are required to log into the forum “Monthly check in” each month so we know you are still here. You are also required to be active on the forums by posting a minimum of four (4) posts per month.

4. Use Ventrilo when on our server(s). Which means you MUST have a working microphone. We will send you Ventrilo setup details on registration.

5. Please make use of Ventrilo. It is there 24/7/365 and we would like you to use it at any time not just for playing games.

6. Recruit new members actively on our servers. NEVER recruit on other servers!!!!

7. Use our servers in preference to others.

8. Use your forums. They are there for you so please try and “wear them out”. You can post jokes (clean), questions about ANYTHING. Ideas and thoughts. Answers to others questions, things about you, etc, etc.

9. A small monthly donation helps us provide you with servers, web site, forums, Ventrilo voice server etc. A donation of $5.00 a month (that is just $1.25 a week) is all we ask but you may donate more to our cause if you wish. 🙂 We currently have two RO Rising Storm Servers both 32 slot and a RO Vietnam 32 slot server, we will add more if our members think we should do so.


They are our main points so if you have read this and wish to participate click the “Forum link” above and register. You will first join “Boot Camp” and have the rank of BC, and after an initial settling in period you will be assigned the rank of Private, thereafter higher ranking and permissions dependent on your own participation.

Below is our Voice channel Ventrilo. Here you can see who is in there If you would like to join Ventrilo just contact us. If you wish to contact us there is a “Contact us” tab on the left of this page which will go directly to admin, and should you wish to  register click the “Forum Link” at the top of this page.


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