Coles ..Misleading labeling

Coles at Glenorchy, Tasmania had a special selling Smoked Cod. I bought some as I really like Smoked Cod and had not had any for years. On preparing it for breakfast I found it to be very soft and mushy before cooking. Cod to my memory was reasonably firm.  So I looked at the label to make sure it was Cod. Yes it said “MSC Smoked Cod Fillet, Product of South Africa” which is fine as South Africa has a huge Smoked Cod export industry. After cooking I found it to be not only soft, mushy BUT tasteless. So I re-examined the label. I saw another label stuck under the top one so carefully pulled them apart. The label underneath told me a different story. It said “Basa Fillet, Product of Vietnam” Hmmmmmm.

So I rang the store, no luck there, every one was either “away” or “In a meeting”. So I rang Coles head office and after a wait got to tell my story to them. They said they would “escalate” my story and get someone to call me back to which I said “within 30 mins would be good”.

The following day nothing had happened so I called again to be told that my email explaining this had be forwarded to the respective branch.

So I thought that due to a lack of interest and a forgone conclusion that at the end of the day I would get something like”sorry we put the wrong label on” I would put it on here.

FYI: the MSC part of the label means:

MSC labelled cod comes from a fishery that has been independently assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Companies using the label all along the supply chain have been assessed to ensure products can be traced back to an MSC certified fishery.
Mega chains like Coles, Costco and Kroger are selling seafood with the MSC label. McDonald’s says you are munching on “certified sustainable” wild Alaskan pollock every time you eat a Filet-O-Fish sandwich.Feb 22, 2019